Tower of Tanquian

Stay in rural Galicia. Stay on an eco farm in the Ribeira Sacra.

Holiday cottage Galicia The tower apartment of Tanquian

Self-Sufficency – Develop to support our basic needs, without harming the Earth

Who's afraid of the winter?

The pantry stocked to feed us through the winter

Autum in Tanquian in the Ribeira Sacra

We came here looking for a place that would offer the basics to develop an ecological community project. Both of us came from alternative upbringings and knew from a young age that we needed to find land to protect, nature, and develop to support our basic needs, without harming the Earth. Our involvement in various eco communities provided inspiration for the type of lifestyle we hoped to create, but we wanted more integration with the local community than most established communities had achieved. And we dreamed of an unspoiled environment with sufficient rainfall that would provide an easy start and permit the highest level of self-sufficiency possible. When we came to this area, we saw that its pristine location, continued tradition of rural smallholdings, and agreeable climate would provide the fertile starting grounds for our project.

Trial & Error


Cabin in the woods

We knew little to begin with, and we jumped in all at once: immediately having children, beginning to reform the house, and cleaning up the abandoned property for planting. But using books, trial and error, and relying extensively on the local farming knowledge of our neighbours, we approached our goals of ecological harmony and self-sufficiency with greater precision each year.


As of this writing in 2011, we are setting out for the first time to document a bit the process of the last nineteen years. Quite a task! So be sure to check back as we continue to expand this section of the website with the many things we have learned about self-sufficiency and care of the earth.



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