Tower of Tanquian

Stay in rural Galicia. Stay on an eco farm in the Ribeira Sacra.

Holiday cottage Galicia The tower apartment of Tanquian

About us – Even more details about the eco farm in the Ribeira Sacra rural Galicia

We are a German-English family with three children, Amber the horse, Tuna the dog, Donkey the donkey, and a number of chickens and cats. We speak five languages at home: English, Spanish, German, Gallego, and Danish.

We (Emmely Föhring and Paul Baker) moved to the land in 1993 with the idea of creating a sustainable future in harmony with nature for our children and other like-minded people.

Ecological farm Tanquian Galicia - Group Foto

Galician Kiwi

Galician Kiwi

Over the years, various families have come to live and collaborate on the farm, which is the Eastern part of the Tanquian property (the land was divided into two properties in 1983).


At our largest, we were five adults and seven kids, and at present, we are the nuclear family, a live-in friend and collaborator, Patricia, plus an ever-fluctuating community of volunteers from all over the planet.


My name is Avi

Not a magic mushroom

Paul Emmely Amber

Paul Amber & Emmely

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