Tower of Tanquian

Stay in rural Galicia. Stay on an eco farm in the Ribeira Sacra.

Holiday cottage Galicia The tower apartment of Tanquian

Tanquián in HAY-ven

Hay driving

What kind of work do farmers face in early summer? Yes, to get the hay in. In our case it`s the harvest for Amber, our horse, and Avi, the donkey.

Tanquián is not really a big enough place to have machinery to do this work, so we are grateful for any helping hand available. This year we had 3 Wwoofers from England and Denmark to help us do the job.The whole process took about two weeks.We had to cut the grass, turn it with traditional sticks to dry, hope for good weather without any rain (remember we are in rural Galicia) and load the heaps with hayforks onto the tractor to drive it in.

Raking it in

After that, it was moved into the hayloft right above the horseshed the next load had to come with the tractor. Like this we spend the day, but to keep the spirits up we had nice times during siesta, for example, with cider tasting. The afternoon work was a childsplay that day.

jump down the hay to get more in

At the end of the hay-day a feast with friends and the romance of a bonfire paid the workhours to everybody’s convenience.


Thanks for these days….

romantic fire after work






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1 comment to Tanquián in HAY-ven

  • Volker

    endlich benutzt jemand hier den zahlreichen verschmähten “SAUCO” und macht was daraus.
    Pera & Sauco ist bisher das einzige was ich mir geleistet habe:
    Homemade, wie’s sein soll. Konsistenz, Zuckergehalt – einwandfrei.
    Wenn Ihr jetzt noch den Fruchtgehalt angebt, kann keiner meckern.
    Auf der PAGE gibt’s keinen Preis. Mehr Bezugsquellen wären noch hilfreich.
    Un cordial saludo.
    Volker Gebhard (A Coruña)

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